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My D drive disappeared!

Hi there...I have a 30 gig hard drive with a c: d: and e: drive on seperate partitions. THe other day I turned on my pc to find that my D: drive is visible when I look in my computer, however it will not let me open it. When I try to open it tels me it is not formated...Could this be due to a virus not allowing me to see this drive?
I run win2000 pro
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Re: My D drive disappeared!

he someguy try right clicking on your d drive in my computer, click format, check these options

capasity: wotever, i assube 10gb

File system: ntfs

allocatin unit size: 4096 bytes

then check "quick format" and press start (it will only take at most 2 mins as it isnt overwriting all the data on the disk).

if you have data on the disk i am pretty sure its gone, however you may be able to use a file recovery program to restore some of it (http://www.pcinspector.de/file_recovery/UK/welcome.htm is a good one) but i wudnt be to hopefull.

if this wont work i would reccomend using some software like partition magic to merge your d drive eith your c drive and then split them into 2 again.

hope this helps, u can talk on msn for more help if thats less difficult. ,ben
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Re: My D drive disappeared!

Hi, thanks for the reply...the capasity was 10gb, but the file system was fat32...
So you think that I went over the capasity and that is why it's not working...oh my, that is not good. If I boot with command prompt, can I just copy files over to my other available partitions? I really don't want to lose my data .
Thanks again!
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