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iPod Classic 80 GB Will Not Restore

[qanda] I\'ve got a lot of info to give u on this one. I want anyone to let me no if there\'s anything I can do about the problem before I contact apple.

One day I had my iPod on and it started skipping songs randomly. I shut it off and tried it later. It then said something like Please Restore Your iPod. I tried that.

-I have restarted it plenty of times and it doesn\'t do crap
-I plugged it into the computer in MANY different USB ports
-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!! I PLUGGED IT IN AND IT SHOWED UP IN ITUNES/ I RESTORED IT****RE. . . STORED . . . IT****TWICE/ IT THEN SHOWS THE PROGRESS BAR THAT SAYS extracting software AND THEN THE BAR THAT SAYS restoring/ *****IT THEN SHOWS UP SAYING THIS . . . This iPod could not be restored . . . . . AND SOMETHING LIKE error 1417 OR 1471

NOTE: When the iPod is plugged in or on at all, it is ALREADY IN DISK MODE

This is all that I have done to try and fix it.
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Re: iPod Classic 80 GB Will Not Restore

I could have had a cup of hot tea with the energy just used for this google search (apparently)

/* ----- I remember when all this will happen again -----*/

You will be baked ... and there will be cake ... you monster.
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