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How many MP3s fit on a CD..?

Hello everyone, Ive just brought an mp3 in car cd player, My mate said that I will be able to put something like 400 songs on a cd, Is this true and if so will I need a specific programme to do this?

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Re: Hello and a question

The number of songs depend on the bitrate that the mp3s are encoded at. The lower the bitrate, the more songs you'll be able to fit on the disc. This does mean the sound quality won't be as good though. I use Exact Audio Copy and the LAME encoder to create my mp3s. Here's good place to start if you're going to convert your own cds: http://wiki.hydrogenaudio.org/index.php?title=LAME

Any burning program can do what you want. Just burn it as a data disc. The one thing i'm not sure of is, do car cd players support playlists so that the songs play in the order you want. If yours does you may want to create those before you burn your disc. I use Winamp for that.
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Re: Hello and a question

Very good advise the poster knows the subject.
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Re: How many MP3s fit on a CD..?

I rip my songs at 192kbps which is good quality (128kbps seems to be more common but I can really hear the degradation in quality at 128k). That makes a song about 7-8 megabytes, so at 700 megabytes for a typical CD, that implies about 100-120 songs. Still not bad, though.

Lower quality may be fine in a car, though. The phrase my audiophile brother-in-law uses is "noise floor". He means that cars are noisy and it's hard to hear the distortion in the music when you can hear the engine and other traffic and the noise of your tires on the pavement and the noise of air resistance from your car. If your car deck will read CD-RWs, you can try different bitrates without wasting a CD (you can erase CD-RWs and reuse them) and find out what's acceptable to you.
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