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How long should a laptop be turned on?

I remember reading somewhere about the similar question but was unable to find it. I think that they are 2 different questions so please dont delete this thread.

I've read that most people turn on there computer 24/7 (desktop). Now here is my question, How long should a laptop be turned on. I have a friend who said that when they turn on their laptop for the whole night the mother board fired. Is this rare or not, same with the desktop but the time was a bit longer like a couple of days.

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Re: How long should a laptop be turned on?

Laptops are not designed to run 24/7. The embedded technology is engineerd for portability. The best thing to do is to ask the manufacturer about the specifications of said laptop and tell him you want to use it 24/7. The intended use of a laptop may vary between 4/8 hours a day.
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Re: How long should a laptop be turned on?

hmmm, my laptop is generally on during the entire weekend and often 24/7 during the week also...maybe I'll get a new one sooner this way
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