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How To Copy Pc-dvd To Tv-dvd


I have a DVD video of a family meeting. Took it on a disposable CVS cam corder and they gave me a DVD that is playable on my DVD player/VHS player and the DVD RW on the computer.

I made a DVD video using CVS dispostal cam corder. Took it to CVS and they made a DVD to play on TV and computer.

Then I saved the video to the hard drive to upload it to Yahoo video. No problem.
Now I want to burn it onto another DVD RW so that it plays on the TV-DVD player/VHSplayer.

However, everytime I save / copy - burn , and play it, it's a REAL or WINMEDIA formatted DVD, which will not play on the combo TV-DVD-VHS player. [The CVS video will play on the TV-DVD: DVD for TV or PC]

When it loads it reads "JPEG/MPG3" and it's not readable by the TV.

I don't understand how this works. What do I need to burn it so that it can play on the TV DVD?

I checked for properties of the CVS DVD, it's a file system UDF - whatever that is. Thanks all.
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Re: How To Copy Pc-dvd To Tv-dvd

Welcome to CDFreaks and this forum, you can do this in few ways, one is to use DVDShrink to rip your DVD (Video) to your hard drive in directory of your choice then burn it with Nero Burning Rom with no multi-session that would play in your computer and in your stand-alone player.
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Re: How To Copy Pc-dvd To Tv-dvd

Pardon me and my confusion. First can someone tell me the name of the format that DVDs that play on a PC is called. Then the format name of a DVD that plays on a DVD player that is connected to a TV.

I'm trying do what was discribed above but I'm not sure we are talking about the same thing.

Without knowing the name of the two formats it has been difficult to ask my question. If you will excuse my extra wordage I will attempt again...and wish me luck

I make home movies with Windows Movie Maker and save them to disc. Those DVDs play beautifully on the PC screen. They will not play on the TV's DVD player. I obviously have to convert those home movies (WMM files) to the another format so I can save to another DVD that will play on my TV's DVD player.

Can someone tell me the easiest way of accomplishing this.

Thank you and God bless
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Re: How To Copy Pc-dvd To Tv-dvd

Regular dvds, like commercial movies, are called dvd-video. It consists of .vob, .ifo and .bup files contained inside a Video_TS folder. The .vob files are just container files for the video and audio....mixed together in mpeg2 format. The .ifo files are for navigation...moving forward and back through the video and the .bup files are backups to the .ifo files.

Confused yet? Hope not. All you really have to know is that this format is not produced by Windows Movie Maker. WMM can export in two different formats, one is .wmv files and the other is dv-avi. You can take the output from Movie Maker and convert them to dvd-video with many different programs. If you have Windows Vista operating system, you can even use the Microsoft program Windows DVD Maker.

But I'm assuming you have Windows XP. You can use a commercial program like ConvertXtoDVD to create your dvd movies, or Nero Vision.

You can use a free program like DVDFlick or AVStoDVD or FAVC to convert your videos and create a finished dvd ready to burn to a disk.
All three of those are free to download and use without restrictions.



If you have more questions, or run into problems, we will certainly try to help.
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