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how to connect a dvd recorder. (Lite-On DVD Recorder)

ok real starter question, but having just bought a Lite on dd-A100x dvd recorder i then D/L the manual. The manual shows connection setups for the machine but not for the model i have which has no HDMI input but 2 scart sockets. They r labelled scart in aux/decoder & scart out tv. so the question is since i am using the box with a freeview set top box for all channels how do i connect the 3 items together so as to allow me to watch tv and record another channel? the set top has 2 tuners & is designed to work with a recorder like mine and the tv has 2 scarts labelled tv ext & dvd ext.
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Re: how to connect a dvd recorder.

connect one tuner output scart to the aux/decoder scart

then connect the scart out tv to a free scart connector in your tv
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Re: how to connect a dvd recorder. (Lite-On DVD Recorder)

Ok Thanks for that, but! it don't work. I have tried attaching it to the Metronic gemini with both a scart and a coax. when i scan using anntenna i get the 5 terrestrial channels but nothing else. when i scan on cable or auto i get nothing at all. If I take out the coax I still get nothng. The digibox works fine and has all the channels so how should i proceed to get all the channels on the Lite on tuner? The gemini has 2 tuners one of which is for recording so do i need to do something to the digibox first? since the recorder has a tuner of its own i thought a coax connect thru would allow it to work directly off the aerial but it seems unable to tune in digital channels that way.
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