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How to burn Iso game to cd

I am totally new to burning and own a game called Frontline command. The game file says it's about 750
meg and of coarse cds only do, what, 700. Anyway , I am using Nereo 5. and was wondering if some one could walk me through this. I don't think overburn would work, but not sure. Does 1 use 2 cds ??? not sure.... but would very much appreciate any help you might be willing to offer thanks Severe

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The fact that the image file is over 700 MB does not necessarily mean that the actual data to be burnt is that much.

Overburning is one way to put more data on a disc than the given capacity. Depending on which program you use, which writer you have and what media you are burning on, you might be able to pull it off.

To learn more, you can search this forum on 'overburn' or on the particular name of the software you are trying to use or trying to backup...you can learn a lot from older postings....
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Re: How to burn Iso game to cd

Burning the image file

This is a step-by-step guide to burning a previously created image file using Nero:

1. Select the command Choose Recorder from the Recorder menu and select the recorder installed (not the image recorder) and confirm the selection using OK.

2. From the File menu select the Write CD Image command.

3. A dialog box will open and you can select the image file you would like to burn. Nero currently supports NRG, ISO and CUE-Sheet formats. Select the desired file and click on the Open button. The Write CD dialog box will then open – the procedure is the same as for producing a new compilation but the Burn tab is now in front.

4. Now check all settings on this and other tabs one more time and amend where necessary.

5. Confirm your selection by clicking on the Burn button. Nero now carries out all the necessary stages as defined. A status window will appear showing the stages implemented and informing you how the burn process is progressing. As soon as Nero has finished the write process a window will appear with a result message such as "Burn process 24x (3600 KBs) successful".

6. Click on the OK button to close the dialog box. The CD is then ejected. The messages shown can either be saved, printed or discarded. Close the window by clicking on the Discard or Close buttons.

7. Now you can verify what has been written onto your CD by inserting the CD once more and clicking on the Medium Information icon.


Overburning a CD

1. First check whether your recorder can overburn or not. From the Recorder menu, choose the item Choose Recorder and select your recorder from the list. You will find information about whether the recorder supports overburning in the recorder information box.

2. Activate the overburn option within Nero. From the File menu, choose Preferences and then click on the Expert features tab.

Activate the checkbox which allows overburning and specify the maximum CD length. In theory you can choose any size up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds. Initially you should enter a length 2 minutes longer than the specified capacity. If SCSI/ATAPI errors occur at the end of the simulation or burning process, we recommend that you reduce the maximum overburn capacity or use a different make of CD. If no errors occur, you can gradually increase the overburn capacity.

3. Click on OK to confirm the change and close the dialog box.
This setting will have the following effect on the burning process:

If the amount of data to be burnt is larger than the normal capacity of the blank CD, but less than the maximum overburn capacity, Nero will ask at the beginning of the burning process whether you really want to overburn. If you answer yes to this question, Nero will start the burning process. If you answer no, the burning process will be aborted because there is not enough space on the destination CD.
Goto : Nero > Help > Contents > Content/Index/Search tabs to find the desired/necessary for you info
( the above stuff is available there )

As for your file, you should either try using Mode 2 in ISO Format or a 800 MB disk.

Good luck !
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thanks for all your help it is very much appreciated and was very helpfull. Also very easy to understand Severe
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