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Help: Burn Movie bigger of 4.7 GB on DVD?

I saved the movie from my video cam to the hard drive using movie maker and hi resolution format.
The dimension is over 10 GB, how can I compress the movie to fit to DVD?
Is there another way to save the movie from the video cam to fit to DVD format?
Can the created DVD be played over the standard DVD players or is limited to PC view?
Thanks a lot for your help!
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Re: Help: Burn Movie bigger of 4.7 GB on DVD?

You could use a Dual Layer Disc and only have to have a very small compression, or you could use a Single Layer disc and compress over 50%. Nero Recode, DVD Shrink, etc. will compress you your liking.

If you go the Dual Layer Route, use only Verbatim discs. No other brand has proven reliable enough to use for important recordings, and the price difference is negligible.

As long as you have it in the proper DVD format it should play on most standalone DVD players as well as your PC.
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Re: Help: Burn Movie bigger of 4.7 GB on DVD?

Why not split it into multiple pieces and burn them on DVD without quality loss.
Or when quality is not that important compress it 50% and burn it (doubt that the quality is good @ 50% compression)
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