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A good modem for ATT DSL

I have ATT DSL connected to a Linksys router and I have problems. The first Motorola modem supplied by ATT would cut out repeatedly and finally died. The new modem by Motorola is no better and when I set up to record while out of the home, the modem will cut in and out and ruin the recording. ATT recommended a two wire combination router and modem which we received this morning. After reviewing the product, I am sure that we have gone from the frying pan into the fire since hundreds of reviews say this is a piece of junk. After some review, it appears that a combination router/modem is just looking for trouble. My question, is there a very good modem, compatable with ATT and my Linksys router out there? By the way, the Linksys was the system recommended by Direct TV and seems to be very fast and reliable. The problem appears to be ATT and the modem.

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Re: A good modem for ATT DSL

I have ATT DSL service and have been using a Siemens Speedstream 4100 since day one. I have had no issues whatsoever on the connection dropping out. I use it with a Buffalo Air Station Turbo G router...again I have no complaints about this combination.

In my area the fastest available speed is 5mbps download/500kbps up, which is what I'm using.
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Re: A good modem for ATT DSL

I don't know but I heard that netgear dsl modem has had some success in ATT dsl connections. Check newegg with the dsl modem....
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