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Formatting DVD+R & DVD+RW before use?

I am very new to DVD burners and so need all your help on this. I did a Mpeg 2 file and transferred the file into DVDit! After saving the project with the menu and etc, I try to burn it into a DVD+R disc. But it popped out a message saying it cannot burn using this kind of disc. My question is do I need to format any DVD+R or DVD+RW before I can use them? My Liteon SOHW812S drive come with only Sonic MyDVD and PowerDVD. Which software do I use to format the DVD+Rs? Very confused. Hope you guys out there can help. Thanks a million!
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Re: Formatting DVD+R & DVD+RW before use?

The only time you need to format a Disc is when it is a RW disc and you have already put things onto it that are no longer needed.

A DVD Burner is bascially the same as a CD Burner. It just has more storage space.
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