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DVD Video screen too big for TV!

so I've wrote 2 video dvds and when I view then on my tv part of the menu and the video is cut down! The menu loses parts from all sides (left-right an top-bottom) wich doesn't bother me that much but my videos loose some too
I think just from the left and right sides of the picture. I'd like too push the picture in the tv screen since the videos have subtitles and this way I miss like from 1-3 character to 1-2 words from the sentence (depending on the sentence lenght)! I can not change the subtitle lenght so I should do something with the video! The files that I write to dvd are mpeg2s, their aspect ration is 4:3, and tried from 720x540(I think thats the right number)
till 352x264 and the same happens all the time!

The files been converted from .avi with WinAvi and authored with Ulead DVD workshop 2! I've tried Tmpg converter for the conversion wich simply froze in it and TmpgDVD author for authoring but that thing closed without doing anything!!

Does anyone have anyidea what am I doing wrong or what should I do?
I thought I should give the file some black borders on the sides(like the whole movie) making the vpicture bigger this way but I can't find a software that can do this!

Any ideas will be highly appreciated!
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Re: DVD Video screen too big for TV!

Yep, this is called overscan and is normal. This is why most DVD authoring software blocks off a "TV Safe" region when you create menus. As for the black border idea, I guess you could try it but I don't know of any program that offers it as an easy option, I'd probably just write a nice Avisynth script to do it.
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Re: DVD Video screen too big for TV!

I just thought I'll tell everyone (just in case someone else would meet this problem)that if you wanna add some black borders on either side of a mpeg file (top, bottom, left or right) you can do it with Panasonic Mpeg Encoder 2.51 Standalon under 'special options' the 'allow cropping' and 'add black boxes'!

Then you can specify in pixel the size of the black area for 1, 2, 3 or for all 4 sides! They don't have to be the same number (like left and right don't have to be both 10pixel, left can be 10pix and right 2pix )! All you have to do now is start encoding!!!!

I don't advice converting .avi to mpeg with this though since it will require 554GB of free space (yes I didn't misstype it it IS GB! ) but in the case of the mpeg re-encoding the final file won't get much bigger after re-encodig and it won't distroy the quality either! It makes mpeg1s! Hope it will help others too!!

p.s.:it won't work on ntfs drive but it will work wit WinXp if the disk drive format is fat16 or fat32!

Not real time encoder but not the slowest my conversion was done in an hour the video was like between 30mins and 45mins. No preview while encoding, can make mpv and mpa seperatedly (only this or only that) or mpeg file!

Good luck everyone!!
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Re: DVD Video screen too big for TV!

I'm having a similar problem to this. Unable to find any information about this Panasonic standalone MPEG encoder and with insufficient skill to code in Avisynth (call me an idiot if you will), I was wondering if anyone else found a solution to this problem? I haven't found many topics dealing with this, so some people must NOT be experiencing it, and I'd like to know why.

Sigh...this would all be solved if you were simply allowed to set "video size" in Nero/Ulead/etc.
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Re: DVD Video screen too big for TV!

Look around this page you might find a similar software to panasonic's (must admit their website seems to be off so right now it's not available to download, however it's up on emule)

some review about some software it also shows if it can or can not add borders.

I also use avidemux nowdays (I add black borders with it it's faster then panasonic) so if you use avis(they say it will work with mpegs too) then that should work too. You can get it here:
It works on windows too and on ntsf formated disks too!

(small note: I've just realized that panasonic mpeg encoder won't work on ntsf. Just incase it's important to you, it was for me though solved it at my sis)
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