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Dodge MiniVan DVD Player

My daughter has a Dodge Mini Van with the built in Over head DVD Player. I have tried to make backup's of her movies so when they travel they do not have to take the originals. I currently am using DVDXCOPY Platinum. The copied movies will play anywhere but her Minivan. I have tried +R, -R, RW's.

It will play the video but I get no audio on the backup's.

Any suggestions?
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Re: Dodge MiniVan DVD Player

all i can think of is that the mini van player requires dvds to be of booktype dvd-rom. u could try bitseting the dvd backups to dvd-rom and see what happens. tehn again, if itz only an audio issue, it may be the audio streams that u r removing/keeping on the backups. have u tried keeping all english [or whatever language u like] audio ?
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Re: Dodge MiniVan DVD Player

I am doing a complete backup of the entire disk, omitting nothing.
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Re: Dodge MiniVan DVD Player

I would use DVD Shrink instead of DVDXCOPY. You'll get better video quality if you take just the movie instead of the whole disc. Try scrolling though the audios, maybe it is set to the wrong one. What drive are you using?
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Re: Dodge MiniVan DVD Player

I have a Dodge minivan, and have experienced similar. Most of the discs I backed up at first won't play. Sometimes glitchy video, no audio, sometimes nothing at all. I have had success with (don't know why) newer 8xspeed -r media. I have not figured out which and why, but it might also like to see the first play menu that original dvd's have, I need to experiment more, but for the most part I have not been able to leave only backups in the van, as most will still not play. I hope this helps, and if you find anything out that helps let me know as well. I use Shrink and Decrypter.
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