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Copying LPs to CDs

I've never tried this before. I'm trying to copy some old LPs (better know to us oldies as phonograph records ) to a CD-R using Roxio 5.1 Platinum and Windows XP.

First question, what do I attach to what? I had to dig up my old Denon amplifier and turntable. I might have figured this out but an audio card connection has never been an option for me before. Do I use computer speakers or hook up the amp to some speakers?

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I think you best connect your line out of your amplifier to your line in of the soundcard of your computer....
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Check this site:

Need some help ? Please use our search function first
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Copy LP to CD

The software I've had the most success with is AudioTool. Plenty of options and flexibilities to record off line-in from LPs and tapes. I like the autotracking function, where you just put on the record and the program will parse the individual songs by the silences between tracks. I only use it to produce WAVs, then encode to mp3 with CDex, so no idea about how well it produces encoded files on its own but you would be going from WAV to CDA anyway, right?
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Thanks for the info, people. It took me a few days to remember to look here. For some reason I didn't get email telling me of your responses. Domin8tor, that site is excellent. I had none of the correct boxes checked. Will let you know what happens.
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Patch the "tape out" on your Denon amp to the "line in" on your soundcard.

I found that you can record easily with the Roxio program, but n mater how I tried downloading and installing the upgrades, I could never get it to burn the cd. Instead, it would crash and reboot my computer. This is on Windows XP. It worked fineon Windows 95. So I got the Nero that people were raving about when I lurked here lst summer. I can see what they were raving about. In fact, I will rave right along with them. I burned a perect cd the first time I tried. Haven't got the hang of the label maker yet, though.

As far as speakers go, I ue both computr speakers and a pair hooked up to my amp. That way, if I hear distortion through the computer speakers when I play a song bac, but none when I play the record, I know I recorded the record with the volume too high. It sounds silly, but it did allow me to catch a badly recorded record before I could burn it to a disc that I was going to give as gift.

Be prepaed for somiitial frustration, but once you learn what works for you, you will find ths rewarding. You might even start looking for new records to burn.
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