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Can I make a Mega CD on DVD-R disc?

Is it possible to make a mega audio cd on a dvd-r? For example by selecting the DVD-V format and then store 16bit/44KHz PCM audiofiles instead of 24/96 PCM (which is the uncompressed audio format possible on a DVD-Video)

What I want is to store files taken from several CD's to one DVD-R disc and play them on my DVD player, without compression.

Another nice one: Make a giant MP3 collection and store them on one DVD-R disc.

Has anyone tried this?
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What I want is to store files taken from several CD's to one DVD-R disc and play them on my DVD player, without compression.
This is not possible with most DVD players because they would not understand what to do with the DVD you burned. They can only read DVD video, CD audio, and mabye VCD or SVCD.

But, it might be possible on some newer DVD players. For instance, I recently bought a DVD player that will play just about anything you put in it!

DVD video - Audio CD's - VCD - SVCD - MP3 - MP3Pro - Kodak Picture CD - HDCD audio CD's - and "windows media".

Windows media probably refers to ".wma" files, but I'm not sure what else it might refer to also.... mabye the uncompressed wav files you want to burn are considered "windows media"? I do know that this player plays regular mpeg 1 & 2 video files burnt onto a cd or dvd that aren't even VCD or SVCD compliant, so I'll bet it could probably play other standard audio and video formats like wave too...... And as for the giant MP3 collection stored on one DVD-R disc, you could probably do that too with the right dvd player....... I've noticed that Apex and Pioneer make dvd players that support a ton of different audio and video formats.
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