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300 short WMV video clips on dvd

I downloaded about 300 short WMV video clips. When I click properties of the folder they are in, it says its size is 3gig, which in theory should fit onto a blank 4. 7 dvd, but when I go to put them on, no matter which program I use, they always end up topping 20gigs! Is there anyway to get them onto one blank dvd???
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Re: Can Somone help me??

When any video file , AVI , WMV etc, is converted to DVD Video the size required will be significantly greater than the original file size. Just as you've seen.
You will have to reduce the number per video to about 60-70 , rather than the 300, to get anywhere close to 4.7gb.
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Re: 300 short WMV video clips on dvd

Do you want to backup the clips as is, or do you want to be able to play them in standalone players. In case of the former, you should select data DVD layout. In case of the latter, they will need to be converted (see TimC's reply).
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Re: 300 short WMV video clips on dvd

if dvd playback is the goal, it may be possible to drag your dvd project once on your hdd through dvd shrink to reduce it down to 4.3 gig, but not sure how the playback would look with better than 4-1 compression.
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