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How to identify CD-R or DVD spindles on store shelves?

With the same core of factories providing CD's to dozens of brands, how can we identify the manufacturer with the factory when we see the spindle on the shelf?

For example, I wanted to buy a spindle of TDK cd-r's from Costco today, but someone here told me the good ones have the gray bottom and the cheap CMC ones have the black bottoms. Well, my TDK's from Costco in the past had gray bottoms, but today they all had black bottoms? How am I supoosed to tell if it is the good brand or not?

Perhaps it would help if somewhere on this forum there was a thread that helped us identify the distinguishing marks of each particular type of CD and DVD. It would help us choose the right one in the store. I saw a site on the web (cdmediaworld?) that had pictures of each cd, but they were jewel case pictures, not spindles. And no one really buys jewel cases that much anymore. Also, the site seemed kind of old.

OK, those are my questions, I'll be looking forward to responses.


By the way, if such information already exists out there somewhere, please point me to it, I couldn't find it.
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