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VHS to DVD but how to do DVD to PC and edit?

I have managed to copy a VHS tape to a DVD using a DVD recorder connected through a TV and now I want to edit the rubbish outand I have no idea how to do it.
I bunged the DVD into the PC and all I could see was a stillf frame picture and that explains my level of skill.
So, could anyone please tell me what I need to do to get the DVD recording to run on my PC so that I can edit it?
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Re: VHS to DVD but how to do DVD to PC and edit?

You'll need mpeg editing tools. You should look at some of the products from Womble: http://www.womble.com/ Some of their tools also include authoring capabilities.

Or if you just need to cut out sections of an mpeg file, I use VideoReDo. www.videoredo.com I don't believe VideoReDo handles mpeg in dvd vob files very well though. You'd have to them in one big mpeg file. There is a free little tool that can do this for you, with the creative title vob2mpeg: http://www.videohelp.com/tools?tool=VOB2MPG

Of course the easiest way is to capture to mpeg in the first place, instead of dvd vob, but I do this with the computer and a capture card, so your listed equipment won't do that.

Once you have the mpeg files edited as you like, you'll have to put them back into dvd format (vob ifo bup). For this you'll need an authoring program. There are some free ones available, like dvdstyler and dvdauthorgui. Look over at www.videohelp.com for some guides to their use.

Videoredo and the Womble products have fully functional trials available for download.

If you have any problems with audio/video sync, try the Quickstream fix tool in VideoReDo. This usually works very well.
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