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ImTOO DVD Creator

Just purchased, installed and registered.

Running Vista Home Premium and my laptop WAY exceeds the minimum system requirements.

First try and I can not add a WMA file to the input fiels list.

The standard drag and drop fails, and so does the Add Files button. I get a window that says the following files are failed to be added.

Outside of etrocious grammer it does nothing else.

Anybody seen this before? I need help !

Thanks in Advance
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Re: ImTOO DVD Creator

Moved to the Imtoosoft support forum.
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Re: ImTOO DVD Creator

The DVD Creator doesn't support the wma file. Please check the "supported files" when you want to add video files in.
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Re: ImTOO DVD Creator

Quite correct I learn now. However, the advertising writeup says it does in fact support .wma input files. Had I known the advert was false or misleading I would not have purchased from ImTOO in the first place. Thje problem is resolved now however. ImTOO gave me a free copy of their .WMA to .AVI converter and that DOES work. Just a big hassle that delayed my efforts several days.

Now I have the issue that when the DVD is played the video and audio are NOT in sync, however when played the .wma AND the .avi files are in sync. Is there never an end to making this stuff work correctly?

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Re: ImTOO DVD Creator

Whitebear, I have exactly the same experience: is the ImToo product a lemon? I've had it three days and have burned a number of movies to Dvd, but so far two out of three have unreasonable delay between audio and video. We watched one movie which had minimal, but still some delay. Now I have the atrocious grammar "...files are failed to be added..." It's a .avi file and I have selected .avi (and "All Files" etc.) on "supported files". Anyone know what gives? I've been struggling for weeks to get somewhere with this stuff and finally decided on ImToo and it seesm to work...almost. I'm on Mac 10.4.11 by the way.
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Re: ImTOO DVD Creator

1.DVD Creator doesn't indeed support the wma file.
2.Please open "Tools-Preference". Then please select "Low" for "Video Quality" and a lower burning speed to have a try.
3.you can covert wma to mp3 files,then burn to DVD.
any questions,please feel free to let me know.
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