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Convert or Ripp DVD to mkv with smallest size without lose any quality

Hi! I'm Sokaon I'm from Cambodia
I want to ask you one question
How could I rip Dvds or convert any video file to mkv with smallest and without lost any quality. I've downloaded some video files from any sites with .mkv video format and that all size is to small( like 200-300Mb) and I try to use any video converter application and try to change alot of option but it still have a very big size of the video quality not good. If you have any idea please tell me.
or send me an email: ******e-mail address removed********
Sorry for my bad English

Thanks anyway!!

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Re: Convert or Ripp DVD to mkv with smallest size without lose any quality

Hi and welcome to the forum

I moved your thread in the video edit software section, to have a better chance to get an answer
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Re: Convert or Ripp DVD to mkv with smallest size without lose any quality

Hi Sokaon, and welcome!..MKV is a 'Container' much like AVI, MP4, and VOB is a container..
To rip DVD's you'll need something like DVDFab HD Decrypter to rip the DVD to your HDD and then convert the resulting VOB's to x264, xvid/Divx, etc. and use the MKV, AVI or the MP4 container..
The All-in-one (Triaware) version of DVDfab will rip and convert to MP4(not sure it uses MKV)..
When converting from one format to another i.e VOB to h264/MKV), you will always have some quality loss, especially at the lower bitrate settings..

The question is, how much quality are you willing to sacrifice, in order to save space?..For that, you'll need to conduct some trial conversions with different tools/settings etc. and SEE for yourself..
I don't normally do DVD-->MKV, but I have done some DVD->MP4 conversions..
Try AViDemux, Xvid4PSP, Handbrake, Staxrip, AutoMKV, FairUseWizard etc. to name a few.
Good luck!..
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Re: Convert or Ripp DVD to mkv with smallest size without lose any quality

That is impossible and if you think that mkv files "would be too small" then you need to ask those who created them.

I hope these mkv are not (c)!
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