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are torrents safe?

are torrents safe for downloading games, is there a certain torrent that is more safe?
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Re: are torrents safe?

Depends if its a demo/freeware or not....
Common sense right?
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Re: are torrents safe?

if you're smart enough to announce that you're planning to use torrents on a public forum, you're probably smart enough to get caught doing it.

Good luck. You'll need it.
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Re: are torrents safe?

Originally Posted by heyman421
Good luck. You'll need it.
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Re: are torrents safe?

don't download torrents that you do not trust.

blizzard distributes world of warcraft updates via torrents and those are very safe, quick, and reliable for getting the game.

so if you mean safe as in "virus-free" then make sure you scan everything you download and only get torrents from trusted sources.

not sure what you mean by "are there certain torrents that are more safe." a torrent is a torrent. just consider your sources.
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Re: are torrents safe?

Might as well ask, are FTP's safe, or downloads on websites.

Bittorrent is a perfectly legitimate protocol, content offered through it may or may not be.
If you're talking about a major site, such as gamer-somethingorother, offereing a 500MB demo or something, then there's nothing wrong with torrenting it. If it's something found in the dodgy backwaters, then it's a different story.
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Re: are torrents safe?

cheers for the advice
im not going to use a torrent just in case
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