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Ripping Xbox game music?

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this topic but is it possible to rip audio (especially music) from an Xbox game? I'd like to get some of the tracks from JSRF but I don't have a DVDrom...
Any help?

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Re: Ripping Xbox game music?

The music files for X box games are in a different format to audio cd's so its not as easy as ripping it to your pc and because X box games are on DVD you'd need a dvd drive anyway. If you have a decent sound card you could always hook your X-box to your PC with audio cables and record the music using Wavelab or some similar audio editing software.
Hope this helps!
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Re: Ripping Xbox game music?

getting anything off of an original xbox disc isn't as easy as having a dvd-rom. only an xbox dvd drive can read original xbox games. if you want to get anything at all off of an original xbox game, you need a modded xbox and you need to ftp into it; i'm assuming that yours isn't modded.

the format for xbox audio files will vary from game to game, and most of the time you can't simply extract them (they're usually embedded within other files or in a proprietary format), although occasionally they're in a format like .wav. doing what stu_e said is the only "surefire" way to get a recording of the audio from xbox games.
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