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Nero and MP3 Tags??

Which version of MP3 Tags does nero support? I believe it is ID3v1 but I wish I could get it to work with at least ID3v2.

I was getting ready to burn a MP3 CD and when I look at the titles for the songs, some of them were shortened. I checked the tags and the ones that were shortened match the ID3v1 where as the ID3v2 have the full names. I know the ID3v1 has a limit on them, that is why I rather be using the ID3v2 tags. I'm currently using Nero

Thanks for all the help.
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Re: Nero and MP3 Tags??

have you tested by clearing all tags from an mp3, and then writing only the id3v2 ones?

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Re: Nero and MP3 Tags??

no haven't tried that, but what i did do was drag the mp3 files into the compliation area, and the title of the mp3 files that are long get cut off and they are cut off right where the id3v1 does. I checked both v1 and v2 tags and nero reports the titles just as the v1 tags shows.
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