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"My Computer" window popping up!

My girlfriends computer has a problem which i have scoured the net to retrieve an answer to, with no avail. Her "My Computer" window pops up, randomly. For example, she could be in the middle of typing and on a random letter, it will pop up. Sometimes its not as bad, other times it happens every keystroke, and even sometimes with out a keystroke, just moving the mouse. I've run SEVERAL different anti-spyware/adware programs, as well as norton antivirus, and none have caught anything. Anyone got ANY ideas at all to this unusual problem? As you can imagine it is driving the users nuts, and as some points, is completely unusuable. They, however, dont use the machine vigorously (no gaming or video editing, purely surfing net/im'ing), so buying a new system is not feasable. Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to afford me!
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Re: "My Computer" window popping up!

, you have no spyware.

The thing you should really watch out for isn't the evil nerd in the basement ten blocks away, or the evil advertising site you absent mindedly click on.

Its one of your friends most probably. the old keystroke prank is the most annoying one in the book, but is simple to solve.

If it is made by JL Software, then you can solve it by moving the mouse into the top left hand corner of the screen, and this should result in a window popping up allowing you to exit.

I have no experience of this sort of program being made by any other company, because JL are stopping the distribution of it due to it looking remarkably like spyware.

if you still have problems, then the only spyware thwarting apparatus to date that deals with annoying pricks installing it from a floppy disk while you make the coffee is *Drum roll* Pest Patrol!!! Google it!!!.

And also, if you get the time, and your pc doesnt carry on pissing you off, get back to me on this one, coz this is the sort of thing i like doing (sad maybe, anally retented, definitely!)

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Re: "My Computer" window popping up!

Well, that type of program is what came to my mind as well, but basically NO ONE gets on her computer, and we live in an area where basically no one would know to even put a program like that on. I will definetly try looking for something suspicious as you mentioned, as well as try pest patrol. But i'm not entirely sure it will fix it. I will get back to you for sure though.
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