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How to make a bootable CD from a software install or .exe?

I have an imaging software that I downloaded (an .exe).

I installed it and it works like a charm. I created a backup image of my C: drive from within windows.

Now: the purpose of this is, when my machine suffers a fatal crash, I can just restore the image to C:

The thing is, if I can't boot into windows, I'm supposed to use 'the bootable CD', which I don't have.

Is there a way to create a bootable CD in Win XP that contains either the files from the exe or the files that were installed?
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Usually these things (like Norton Ghost) create a boot floppy with CD access to run a restore. If not, Nero can make a bootable CD, you canb use Win98 to boot and load CD-ROm drivers and switch CD's, and you can always make a startup floppy disk in Windows, and even moreso, if you don't wanan use the floppy, you can tak ethat startup floppy and tunr it into a startup Cd once again using Nero.

Is that confusin genoug for ya


Hope it somewhat helped.
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the imaging software should definitely provide u with some means of creating whatever type of disc u'll need to properly use the program.
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yep i agree all software provides you with a data restore disc you can use .... just depends on software that you have ...I have ghost ... drive image and acronis true image and they alll have ways to backup in dos ..heck even ghost i just made bootable floppy and edit dos commands where I dont have to do anything at all just put in floppy and cd backup and just walk on ... ...but all programs have it ...

what program are you using ?
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try using Bart's mkboot (Make bootable) program.

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Thanks for all your feedback. I ended up using an older version of the software, that creates boot floopies during install (DriveImage 5 verus Drive Image 7).

thanks again.
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