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How to download multiple files

All right, when I'm in a dir on the net, there are always multiple files (mostly gif/jpg).

I can download them one by one, but is it possible to select them all (or the ones I want) and click on save to save them all in once?
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You're in a directory, where the files are listed as links?

If so, you can use Flashget to download multiple files at once (the program has built-in filters so if you want just a couple of files or so, you can do so..).
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i always liked the "leech" command inside go!zilla 3.x - never used version 4.x longer that ten minutes, tho...
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I prefer the FlashGet download manager, as it seems to work best at Web sites all over the World. The other download managers often have problems at Oriental sites

At a Web page, one can right-click any download link and select download all with FlashGet. This works if the links are HTTP links. If they are Java links, then you have to download them one at a time. I do not believe any download manager currently handles Java links. Nor do any Web page stripper (say, WebCopier or Snag-It) work with Java links, as far as I know. Check - Copy and paste the link into Notepad to see what type of link is on the Web page
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FlashGet just rules !
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Flashget/Reget (they're almost identical, dunno which is based on which though) and Getright.
Flashget has that handy paste-url feature that you are after.
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There are difference in download managers
GetRight & Gozilla worked best in the USA & Canada
ReGet and DAP were basically favored in Europe
FlashGet (aka JetCar) and NetAnts were favored in the Orient

I never could get GetRight or Gozilla to work at the Oriental sites. They simply would never catch the download link no matter how many times I tried. I switched to FlashGet years ago after Oriental site after Oriental site so suggested.

ReGet and DAP proved to weak and clumsy to bother with.

It is my understanding that, as of now, FlashGet is the best download manager around. It works all over the world nowadays. No doubt it is the simpliest and easiest to use. One can quickly and simply change download folders on the fly
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