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[GUIDE] Integrate software into your Windows installation CD

The addons are programs for your Windows installation.
Integrate them as hotfixes with nLite and they will be silently installed during Windows setup

What You Need:
- nLite
- .Net Framework 2.0
- Windows CD

The whole procedure takes from 5 to 20 minutes (burning of the CD included).

How To Do It:
1. Copy the content of your Windows install CD to your hard drive.
2. Watch the video (~2 mins, 1MB), after that burn the created ISO either with Nero or with nLite's integrated burner.

Download VIDEO HowTo: RogePost or GigaSize (1,2MB)

Here is the list of all addons for nLite that I have created
last updated: 04/01/2007

NONE of these addons contain spyware, google toolbars or other annoyances
Most of them are freeware.

1by1 1.59
3D Box Shot Maker 1.0
123 Free Solitaire 2006
7-Zip 4.42

ABC 3.1
AbiWord 2.4.6
AC3 Filter 1.11
Ad-Aware SE Personal 1.06
Adobe Reader 8.0
Alleycode 2.16.2
Angry IP Scanner 2.21
Ant Movie Catalog
Ant Renamer 2.09
AntiVir Personal
Apollo 37zy
Arcade Classic Games Pack 5.0
ArtRage Free 2.2
ATI Tray Tools
ATITool 0.26
ATnotes 9.5
Atomic Clock Sync
Audacity 1.2.6
Audiograbber 1.83 Build 1
Avant Browser 11.0 Build 39
Avast Home 4.7.892
AveDesk 1.3
AVG AntiVirus Free 7.5.433
AviSplit 1.42
AxCrypt 1.6.3

Badges 1.0.1
BitComet 0.81
Blender 2.42a
BlockNote 1.8
BricoPacks Collection
BSPlayer 1.37.826
BSPlayer Pro 2.12.941
Burrrn 1.14 beta 2

CabPack 1.4
CamStudio 2.0
CCleaner 1.36.430 Slim
ChaosMD5 2.0
Citrus Alarm Clock 1.0.5
ClamWin 0.88.7
CloneDVD Mobile
Converber 4.10
Convert 4.10
CPU-Z 1.38
Crimson Editor 3.70
CursorXP Free 1.31

DC++ 0.698
DeepBurner Free 1.8
Dexpot 1.4
Disclib 2.0
DivX 6.4
Doc Convertor 1.0
Double Driver 1.0
DriveImage XML 1.18
DVD Decrypter
DVD Shrink
DVDFab Decrypter

Easy Thumbnails 2.8
Elfima Notepad 1.6.2
eMule 0.47c
Encrypted FTP
EncSpot Basic 2.0
EssentialPIM Free 1.95
Everest Ultimate Edition 3.50.761
Exact Audio Copy 0.95b4
ExplorerXP 1.07

FastStone Capture 5.0
FastStone Image Viewer 2.8
FileZilla 2.2.30a
FileZilla Server 0.9.22
FlashGet 1.73 build 128
Folder2MyPC 1.8
Folder Marker 1.4
Folderico 3.6.1
Foobar, 0.8.3
FoxEditor 0.7.5
Foxit Reader 2.0
Free Download Manager 2.1.494
Free iPod Video Converter 1.32
Free Port Scanner 2.4
freeCommander 2006
FuturixImager 5.8.5

Gaim 1.5.0
GetRight 6.0c
GOM Player 2.0.12
GreatNews 1.0.374
GSpot 2.21

HijackThis 1.99.1
HTTrack 3.40-2

IceChat 7.10
IconPhile 2.02
Icons From File 3.31
iDailyDiary 3.2
Internet Explorer 7.0
IP-Tools 2.50
iWebAlbum 1.52
IZArc 3.6 Build 1260

Java Runtime Environment 6.0
JoJoThumb 2.10
jv16 Powertools

K-Lite Codec Pack Basic 2.81
K-Lite Codec Pack Standart 2.82
Kristal Audio Engine 1.0

Launchy 1.0
LClock 1.62b
LockNote 1.0.3

MacSound 1.3.2
Media Player Classic
MediaMonkey 2.5.4
Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2007
Miranda 0.6
MozBackup 1.4.5
Mp3 Tag Tools 1.2
Mp3tag 2.37
mpTrim 2.12 & WavTrim 2.23
MV2Player 07 RC2

Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.70
NetProfiles 1.2
Notepad2 1.0.12
Notepad++ 3.9
Nvu 1.0

OpenOffice 2.1.0
Opera 9.10

PeerGuardian 2.0 Beta 6b
PhotoFiltre 6.2.6
PHP Designer 5.0.2 PE
PhraseExpress 3.1.6
Pivot Stickfigure Animator 2.2.5
PSPad 4.5.1
PuTTy 0.58

QIP 2005 Build 7997
QuickTime Alternative 1.76

Rainlendar 0.22.1
Real Alternative Lite 1.51
RealVNC 4.1.2
Registrar Lite 2.0
ReNamer 4.21
ResHack 3.4.0
RevConnect 0.674p
RivaTuner 2.0
RocketDock 1.2.5
Rootkit Revealer 1.71

ShellPacks Collection
Silverjuke 2.03
Simple File Shredder 3.2
Skype Recorder 2.1
SpeedFan 4.31
SpeQ Mathematics 2.3.5
Spybot Search And Destroy 1.4
Spyware Terminator
StrokeIt 0.9.5
Subtitle Workshop 2.51
Sunbird 0.3
Super Turbo Tango Patcher October 2006
SyncBack 3.2.13
Sysinternals Tools

Talkative IRC
Taskbar Shuffle 2.0
TaskSwitchXP 2.0.11
The FilmMachine 1.5.4
TUGZip 3.4
TuneUp Utilities 2007 6.0.1255

UltraVNC 1.0.2
Undelete Plus 2.51
Unlocker 1.8.5
uTorrent 1.6.474

VirtualDub 1.6.17
VisualTaskTips 2.1
VLC 0.8.6a

Weather Watcher 5.6.16
Weaverslave Beta 3.9.18
WengoPhone 2.0
Wget 1.10.2
What's Running 2.2
Windows Media Player 11.0.5721.5145
Windows Vista sound scheme
WinIPConfig 2.7.1
WinRAR 3.62
WinSnap 1.1.8

X-Chat 2.6.7a
Xfire 1.67
Xion 1.0.58
XnView 1.82.4 Standard
xp-AntiSpy 3.96.4
XPSysPad 7.7
Xvid 1.1.2

Yahoo Messenger
YeahReader 2.2
Y’z Dock 0.8.3
Y’z Shadow 1.9
Y’z Toolbar 1.3

Zoom Player 5.0


HowTo: Integrate addons with nLite RogePost, GigaSize
MD5: 3281220388094F46A0D6734E957DF2A9
Size: 1.26 MB
Duration: 1:51
Description: learn how to integrate application addons with nLite.

HowTo: Unattended with nLite RogePost, GigaSize
MD5: 75E848018294E7318BB2500469B9C1B7
Size: 1.70 MB
Duration: 2:29
Description: learn how to make unattended installation with nLite. Insert key, create user account, set regional and language settings, resolution, network settings, select default visual style, etc.

HowTo: Patch Windows with nLite RogePost, GigaSize
MD5: C62846A8CB935CF7DF49D80A51432B99
Size: 0.38 MB
Duration: 0:24
Description: learn how to patch your Windows installation source files with nLite. Increase the maximum unfinished simultaneous connections to improve your p2p speeds; Enable unsigned themes support to be able to use any Visual Style you like; Disable Windows File Protection (SFC) to avoid problems removing windows components.

HowTo: Create addons with AutoIt GigaSize
MD5: 7961C362E522936ECFE14A84E50314DE
Size: 21.47 MB
Duration: 12:04
Description: learn how to create addons for nLite with AutoIt scripts. Foobar 0.9.4 is used in this example.
Commentary audio track in Bulgarian language. Best viewed @ 1280x1024.

Have fun

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Re: [GUIDE] Integrate software into your Windows installation CD

Tip :

Before using nLite to add/remove additional content, then first integrate RyanVM's Windows XP Post-SP2 Update Pack with the RyanVM Integrator, which includes most of the official and some unofficial hotfixes + some extras. This update pack is very stable and well put together, and as it overwrites the outdated files directly with the updated ones, then the install time isn't extended one bit.

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Re: [GUIDE] Integrate software into your Windows installation CD

Martin H is right, although my mini guide covers only the application addons integration part.

By the way, how can I keep my first post up-to-date, no edit option available ?
And there are a lot of new addons to add to the list.
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Re: [GUIDE] Integrate software into your Windows installation CD

Thanks to Womble for helping me to update the first post

Many new addons are now available!
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