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1) what s/w do i need to format my CDRW (for use as a CDR)

2) is the process reversible? ie CDR format back to CDRW and CDRW to CDR again...

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If you want to use a CD-RW as a CD-R you just burn it, for example using Nero. You can afterwards delete the whole CD (also using Nero).
In short, there is no need to format a CD-RW if you are going to use it like a CD-R, that is DAO or TAO burning.
To undo a CD-RW format, I think you can also delete the CD with you CD-R creation program.
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or if you want to use it like another HD use DirectCd or some other packet writer, then you dont loose 100 mb but a lill less but you can write in pieces

Note: not all computers support UDF reading

UDF: packets shit

so it could happen that you burn your cd with UDF writing and close it but that it doesnt works at a friends place.

(Newer CD-readers can read it and all CD-RW-readers/burners too)
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To use a CDRW as a CDR just select Erase CDRW before you use it, then it will function EXACTLY like a standard CDR, copy your image over or create your own cd. When happy burn it ro a regular CDR and Erase it again. Fantastic for testing PSX images under Bleem!!
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