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Check a DVD for read errors?

I recently got a DVD in the mail and it was detached from the case the whole time it was in the mail. There were no scratches on the disc, but there is a small mark that looks like a plastic stain, if that's what you call it...im not sure.

It's like when your car brushes another object...someone else's bumper, a shopping cart, etc. and there is no damage, no dent, just a smearing of one objects paint onto another..

Well that is what is on my DVD. Is there a program that will read the disc and tell me if the laser can still read everything OK? I can send it back for a new one, but it would cost me $3 shipping and a few weeks time, so if I could try a program like this it would be great. I have a Plextor 708a
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Re: Check a DVD for read errors?

I just tried Nero's CDSpeed program. It said 4% are good and 96% are bad ont he Scandisk surface scan. This can't be right because the DVD plays in the 10 or 12 areas I have watched the movie.

Can CDSpeed read CSS protected DVDs?
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Re: Check a DVD for read errors?

CDSpeed can't read the CSS-encrypted sectors, so it's normal.
If you want to know, try ripping the DVD with an app that reports read errors, like DVDDecrypter.
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Re: Check a DVD for read errors?

I burn a lot of DVD's and one way that you can check after you burn them is to run the DVD through DVD Shrink. If it hangs up and ends up with a redundency error, the DVD is no good. Another way is to physically inspect the disk before you use them.

If there is a dark looking place, usually a round or oval area that is darker than the rest of the media, there's a good chance the disk is junk. Always inspect the disk again after you burn it because sometimes the dark areas will not show up until the heat of burning the disk loosens the foil from the media.

HP has a program that reads the disk for manufacturer, size of the disk, format and errors. I am at work and can't think of the name of the program right this minute, but I can post it later. One good rule of thumb is this. If you get more than a couple bad DVD's in a spindle of 100, you may want to consider checking the whole stack before burning, this way you can send the whole spindle back as a warranty.
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Re: Check a DVD for read errors?

CD-DVD Speed can read CSS if you have AnyDVD running. (AnyDVD has a free trial, though it costs to keep it)
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Re: Check a DVD for read errors?

Nero DVD/CD Speed works really good, I also used to check my media with CDCheck.
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