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*PLEASE* If anyone can help. I have problems recording audio cds to play on regular cd players.I can transfer mp3's to the cd in .wav format but can only listen to it on the pc.Is it my software, NTI cd Maker 200, or my brand of R/W cds??? Is something conflicting or should I be looking for a new drive? Thanks *LOTS* to anyone with any help....Very frustrated in Ohio .....Barbie
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Hiya Barbie!

The prblem you will be having is that normal CD players (and some CD-ROM drives) will not read ReWritable CDs. get yourself a good brand of CD-R [TDK / Philips] and burn them to that instead. If you don't want to pay the HUGE prices that these are in the shops then get yourself to your local computer fair - they're usually very cheap there!

Hope this helps!


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YUP that fixed it!!!! Well and a few other clicks here and there, but having the right cd's was my main problem....Took me a few to figure out I didn't actually need to go buy new cd players that can read rewritable cd's,lol....Again THANX for the quick reply...Listening to my *NEW* cd's in Ohio ...Barbie
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