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CD ROM's too fast?

I was wondering if anyone else experiences this problem, and what could be done(if anything), to fix it. I was installing software for my scanner yesterday, using a Yamaha CD-writer. The software package had about 5 different programs to install, in what should have taken 5-10 minutes(as they were very small programs). It ended up taking over a half hour because the CD was spinning too fast. The Yamaha would start out slow, and start extracting the data.....as more data was extracting it began to speed up. It then "maxes out" spinning at probabably 40x speed for a minute. While it is spinning this fast, no data is readable(the progress bar freezes). After a minute, it slows down again and begins to read data for a brief period of time until it speeds back up. This was not just a problem with my Yamaha, as I realized it happened with other CD-ROM's. Is this a reason why CD-ROM's haven't really gone past the 52x speed for a few years?(with a few exceptions). This can be quite annoying if you are looking for a quick install.
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sounds strange.....have you tried the CD in another drive ?
pehaps clean the CD ?

try another CD, it could be a crappy CD.

if all that fails then just drag the files accross to your desktop.
and install from there....works with most driver software.

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Thanks Huzzy, I have experienced this with other drives, machines, and cd's (both audio and data).....I just was hoping there was some way to decrease the speed, and wondering if the reason that there aren't many CD-Readers faster than 52x for the past 2 years(when every other technology's speed has tripled), that the optics are a problem at such high speeds. Kenwood had a 72x, but I heard that was crap, and there are only a handful of others.
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This you can try....

Right click the my computer icon on desktop(WIn me) Properties tab, file system tab wait for a minute there is a cd rom tab which enables you to reduce to up to single speed. Hope this works for you coz I have not messed around with it....
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This shoud allow you to slow down your CD-ROM drive
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Nero CD Speed also works great..
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The symptoms that you are describing probably have nothing to do with the drive speed. Optics are typically not a problem at high speeds. The reason that single laser drives have no progressed beyond 56-58x is because they are at the practical mechanical limits of sustainable performance for the spindle motor and the consequences of very high centrifugal force on media. Media with slight defects can disintegrate at these speeds (58x is about 11,600 RPM). The Kenwood uses a multiple laser technology and comparatively low motor spindle speeds.

If there is a problem with high drive speed, it is usually because the throughput from the drive is too fast for the destination drive to handle. If information can't be synchronized properly through a buffer, there might be a problem due to the mismatch.

As has been mentioned, you can slow down the speed of your drive with Nero Drive Speed. However, the symptoms would seem be caused by either some system problem (including the reader itself) or problems reading the media. High speed CD-ROM devices are usually preferable, with few disadvantages except for more noise.

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