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Wii 4.3 hacking guide

This is not my guide. I have taken this information from another site and brought it here. Do not get mad at me if you have trouble following it.

Indiana Jones Original Adventures(ntsc/pal)
Super Smash Bros Brawl(ntsc)
Original retail game is required (or modchip)
Is there some other way? NO
Can I bannerbomb? NO
Format your sd-card, If you have issues try formatting with this tool
Extract to SD:\
Requires a standard SD card, 1-2g scandisk is best. SDHC cards will not work.

If you FAIL, try try try again

Stupid questions will probably result in stupid answers.
Read the guide a few times, and the advise, suggestions, and experiences of others BEFORE asking for help!!!
Stupid question = when I put the sd-card in the wii, nothing happens. - NO Sh*t, it does not work like that.

Step 1- Load HackMii Installer


Option 1- Indiana PWNS - Works with 4.3u/e, Virgin Friendly
-Play Lego Indiana Jones Original, complete the first level, make a save game.
-Use your wii nunchuck when completing level one
-Go to wii settings, data management, save games, wii
-Delete the Lego Indiana Jones save game
-Click SD, copy Indiana PWNS for your region
-Play Lego Indiana Jones original, load save game slot 1

-Hackmii Installer Loads

Option 2- Smash Stack - Works with 4.3u, Virgin Friendly
-If you have a SSBB savegame, back it up and delete from wii
-Load SSBB ntsc, wtih sd-card removed, make a save file
-Go to the stage builder, delete all custom stages, exit stage builder
-Insert SD-CARD, Go to stage builder
HackMii Installer loads

Options 3- Boot2 Bootmii- 4.3u/e/j, No Virgins allowed
If you have boot2 bootmii installed
Extract bootmii folder-PAL.rar or bootmii_folder-NTSC.zip to sd:\
Boot the wii, bootmii loads
Go To the bootmii SD menu
Load bootmini.elf
Hackmii Installer loads

Option 4- Installed Forwarder Channel- 4.3u/e/j/k, No Virgins allowed
If you have a forwarder installed, say for neogamma, or mplayer, or other
Replace the sd:\apps\(forwarder app dir)\boot.dol with the boot.elf from the 4.3-Mod-Pack dl
Launch the forwarder Channel
Hackmii Installer loads (maybe)

Other options

Virgin 4.3j/k = read this- MarioKart PWNS

Step 2- Install HBC, Bootmii
*Install HBC, DVDX, Boot2 Bootmii*
Bootmii IOS installs automatically
Select Hackmii Installer -press A
Read: You have not paid, you have not been scammed -Press 1
Install Homebrew Channel
Install Bootmii as Boot2 (if you can)
Exit Hackmii Installer
Homebrew Channel loads (HBC)

Press HOME, launch Bootmii
Make a nand backup
Bootmii does not support the wiimote
Press Power, Power, Power, Reset, Reset (or use gc-controller)
Power = Right, Eject = Left, Reset = Select
Backup your Bootmii files to your PC
Exit to HBC (if you reboot prior to step 5, HBC will be removed)

ECC failure (uncorrectable.) for page
Extract ppcboot.elf.zip to sd:\ -This should fix the ECC failure if you get the error

Format your SD Card
If you have issues try formatting with this tool
Download ModPack.zip
Extract to sd:\
Run sd:\md5summer.exe
Click "Verify Sums", Select "ModPack.md5"
All check sums should verify without error (very important)

Step 3- Wad Installs
Start HBC, press [HOME], load Bootmii
Multi-Mod Manager Starts (via cboot2)
Never Uninstall IOS, you will brick your wii
Never Uninstall IOS, you will brick your wii
Select "WAD Manager" - Press A
Press (1) to "Install all Wads" - Press A
19 wads should install without issue
"Press any button to continue"
Be sure all the wads install, very important
If the wads fail to install, install 1 at a time
Press B two times- main menu
Never Uninstall IOS, you will brick your wii
Never Uninstall IOS, you will brick your wii

*Optional- Downgrade to System Menu 4.1
This is not necessary, but downgrading to 4.1 will restore bannerbomb 1/2 and region free for modchips, and fully supports all hackmii versions
DO NOT do this before installing all wads without error (you will brick)
-Network Install- preferred method
From the main menu, Select Manage System Menu, Press A
Install System Menu 4.1
Press B- main menu
-Offline Wad Install Method- less preferred
Download and a System Menu Wad for you region
Use NUS Downloader, or below
4.1u(ntsc/usa) -
(4.1u)-System Menu-NUS-v449.zip
4.1u.zip MD5= ebbea606bf8df2ae36ff3194d774b0c7
4.1e(pal/euro) - (4.1e)-System Menu-NUS-v450.zip
4.1e.zip MD5=e06ea2f66c930811a9eb366f6a586b2d
4.1j(ntsc/jap) - 4.1j-System Menu-NUS-v448.zip

4.1j.zip MD5= 4aba5709c781012d53163374ab83e3c3
Extract to sd:\wad
Select Wad Manager -Press A
Select System Menu-NUS-v4##.wad, Press A, Press A again to install

DO NOT Install the wrong system menu
do this before installing all wads without error (you will brick)

Step-4 Install Priiloader (brick protection, you need this)
Read the warning- press A to install
Reboot wii, priiloader should load
Hold reset and boot wii to load priiloader if needed
Select Hacks- Press A or Hold B press +/A
Enable "Block Disk Updates", and "Block Online Updates", others if you like
If you don't know what the hack does- you don't need it.
Your wii should now block Disk update and online update.
Outdated Channels will ask for updates
NEVER UPDATE YOUR WII FROM NINTENDO- read the forum and do it yourself
Note: Prilloader installer gives two errors-
*This is not an issue, and is expected*

Optional priiloader settings-
Autoboot to HBC- Click settings, set auto-boot and return to HBC. Your wii now boots to HBC.
Autoboot to USBloader-GX- click load/install, install usbloader-gx.dol, goto settings, set autoboot/return to installed file. Your boots into usbloader-gx. This is great for kids.
You can auto-boot to any app you like.

Step* Optional- DARKCORP installation: Join the Dark Side of the wii!!!
DARKCORP enables backup disks to be loaded from the wii disk channel, without using a loader.
Newer wiis may not support DVD media, this will not fix this limitation.

Download DARKCORP_v1.1_Full.zip, extract to sd:\
Read the READ-ME first, install from HBC
Use IOS249 to Install/Upgrade Darkcorp 1.1, and Wiigator's or Waninkoko's cmios for gc-games
*DARKCORP can used in conjunction with usb loading methods*
*USB loading is faster and is the general preferred method*

Step* Possible- Reinstall HBC (if inverted)
Reinstall HBC if screen is up side down
Load HBC, Launch Hackmii Installer
Install HBC

Final Step- Clean Up SD-Card
To Prevent accidental System modification
Backup and Format the SD-CARD
ExtractClean-SD-Card.zip to sd:\
This will prevent your kids, friends, wife, and yourself from doing stupid stuff.

Loading Backups FAQ:
You Must load from a loader, or have installed darkcorp
New wiis cannot load from disk
Cios: you have 222/223 v4 for the games that need it
ios249= cios38 -17
ios250= cios57 -19 for those who wish to use it

Apps you may like:

WiiMC- Multimedia Player
HomeBrew Browser- DL many Apps
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