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Be Vary Careful About Polaroid HDTV's

Just wanted to give a piece of advice. I bought a New Polaroid HDTV set in
December 2008. Everything worked fine but the HDMI Input wasn't even a
HDMI Input even the tech guy didn't know what it was. They sent me a new
replacement part. Tech guy put it in and it fried my entire TV.

Polaroid said they would send a replacement and never did. After talking to
Numerous Associates and Supervisors with no result. I filed 5 claims against
Polaroid with different Government Agencies. Then guess what, I recieved a new one in two days.

Had the new one different model and after a month the RF Coaxial Connector
went Bad. Had to call Polaroid again, go through all the sane stuff as before,
but this time I consulted a Lawyer on any suit I could file against them. I had
this 2nd defective set for about 3 months.

Guess what after they where informed I retained a Lawyer. They sent me
a new TV in 2 days. Got it Friday, this one is also a different model. Will see
how long this one lasts.

Do yourself a huge favor and agrevation and stay away from Polaroid TV's.
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Re: Be Vary Careful About Polaroid HDTV's

In you situation I would have asked for my money back and then bought a different make from a reliable supplier.
I have a Panasonic HDTV with a 5 year warranty, now that it is run in the picture is excellent.
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Re: Be Vary Careful About Polaroid HDTV's

One more note the 2nd TV was manufactured in November of 2007,
and this new one I have was manufactured in December 2008, sorry
can't remember first one......
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