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No RF out on Comcast Cable Box

How can I connect a Panasonic DVR/VCR to a Comcast cable box when the cable box has no RF out? We can connect it fine to TV and sound system and watch DVDs and VHS tapes, but we need to be able to record what is stored on the DVR or from the TV through the cable box. It can be hooked up to record before it hits the cable box, but we want to record what's on the DVR of the cable box and according to everything I see you must have a coax from the box to the DVR/VCR (in addition to the RCA cables or component video).

Thank you.

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Re: No RF out on Comcast Cable Box

The RF-out cable would be required for an Analog cable box. As far as I'm aware of, this use to be included for VCRs that did not have any other inputs.

First, connect the Comcast's red/white/yellow RCA outputs to your DVD/VCR. Then connect the cable box's SVHS or component video to your TV. Leave your audio setup configured as it is.

If your TV is an older model that does not have SVHS or component inputs, connect the RCA yellow video output (and optionally the white & red RCA audio outputs) to your TV and connect the SVHS output and 2nd set of white & red RCA audio outputs to your DVD/VCR.

Finally, if your TV has component inputs, connect the component outputs of your cable box to the TV and the SVHS output and white/red RCA audio outputs to your DVD/VCR. This will also provide better recording quality than connecting the yellow (composite) video connection to the DVD/VCR.

To transfer a recording, choose the input source on your DVD/VCR to what the cable box is connected to (e.g. AV1), prepare the DVD/VCR recorder for recording (i.e. insert a blank DVD and allow it to initialise), then begin playback of recorded program on the cable box and press 'Record' on the DVD/VCR.
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Re: No RF out on Comcast Cable Box

Thank you for your response. We'll give this a try.

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