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Easier "reset" for HDRW-720

Hey all,

I have read a number of threads on the 720 noting that periodic FULL RESETS (disconnect power-hold Standby button) are required to keep the unit functioning normally. I just might have an easier method for returning your unit to a stable state without losing all your listings or scheduled recordings.

I personally think, after a few weeks of using it, that virtually all the 720's problems are directly or indirectly related to the TVGuide Electronic Program Guide. That being the case I took a slightly different approach in getting the unit back to normal functioning.

This Saturday my HDRW-720/17 became very flakey. The TVGuide had several days showing NO LISTING in the upcoming schedule. The 720 shutdown with an error a few times Saturday morning and then shutdown 3 times that afternoon in the middle of recordings. I'm glad that didn't frag the hard drive. At least Philips handled that nicely. At that point I checked the Schedule screen and all my scheduled recordings were shown in grey. I checked the TVGuide debug screen and noticed that the unit had lost track of it's data source channel which is usually channel 17. I decided it was time to reset the TVGuide so I went into setup and set the ZIP code to another local ZIP - not mine - and shut the 720 down. I powered it back up and reset the ZIP to my own. I did this because the TVGuide system can be forced to look for updated listings if it detects a ZIP code change. It won't detect a change if you just reset the ZIP to your normal ZIP so it's a two step process. I really don't know if the power-down/power-up step is necessary but it seemed prudent to let the unit start with the new bogus ZIP code before resetting it to my own. It seemed to work normally after that and a short while later made me choose which local listing set was correct (as it has done in the past).

I'm back on track at this point. My listings are mostly full and the 720 is making recordings just fine again. Of course, I'm wondering how long it will be before the TVGuide gets corrupted again and requires a ZIP code reset though. Even so if all I have to do is swap the ZIP code every week or two that MUCH better than the hassle of resetting the unit to factory condition and having to go through the setup menus again.

The jury is still out on this "fix" but I have a hunch it will do the trick.

HDRW 720/17 - CF3.2 - Not stable, but I still like it
DVDR75/17 - ff16f - Pretty stable, but 8X/32X FF are hosed.
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