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Annoying clicking using music cds

Just got a 5045gdl+ and am impressed so far but for one annoying point. Playing dvds is fine, but when playing music cds the player emits clicking noise every few seconds, which is distracting, especially during quiet moments. It happens with home burnt cdrws as well as shop bought cds. Any ideas how I can get rid of it?
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Re: Annoying clicking using music cds

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Usually a DVD player (or CD player) will produce clicking sounds in the audio if the disc is scratched or dirty. However, if this is happening on the majority of your discs, it is likely a fault with your DVD recorder, such as a faulty pick-up head. Note that DVDs and CDs use different laser wavelengths, which means that proper DVD playback does not automatically mean proper CD playback and vice versa.

The first thing to check is if the clicking sound is coming from the audio being played back or the drive itself. To check, first mute the sound while playing a CD and if you can still hear the clicking sound, then it is a sound being made by the recorder itself.

If it is defintely coming from the playback audio, for a start to rule out a firmware issue, I would recommend loading the latest firmware. However, if this does not help, I would strongly recommend getting it replaced, particularly if it is just new.
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