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Using Samsung ESTOOL

Havre any of you used this tool?

When I hit enter, having selected 'drive diagnostic', I am presented with a window saying 'Test Loop Count Number'. (This isn't mentioned on the above link, so I'm flying blind and using my intuition - which is why I'm getting nowhere). It has a '1' with the cursor flashing under it. I can type text and numbers here, but if I just leave it and hit enter nothing happens. Actually, I get a second of FDD activity and that's it. Interestingly, looking around the Samsung site I can't find anywhere to ask questions, (Despite there being an FAQ - go figure), so I though I'd come and ask you lot.

The background to this is I have a 401lj and a 301lj as a raid0 on my Gigabyte motherboard via the intel RAID/SATA ports. On bootup I'm told that the larger drive has an error, but the smaller 300g one is fine. It seems to boot up fine. I have had occasional freeze/crashes in the month or so I've had it set up like this which I supsect may well be down to this error.

Incidentally, whichever drive I select using the ESTOOL I have the same issue. I'm torn between trying to sort it out, buying new hardware, or just going down the pub.
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Re: Using Samsung ESTOOL

Well ES Tool need write access to current directory, that is. So don't launch it from cdrom drive, but instead do it from hard disk (or from a removable medium). Like this :
(and pay attention to keyboard layout off course)
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I had this exact same problem. I got this when I started my computer using a Windows 98 start-up disk not realising that the ESTOOL CD burned from the ISO download was itself bootable. After selecting a loop count of 1, it proceeded to conduct the various tests as expected.

Also, I don't know if this is relevant but I had also used ESTOOL to do a low-level format (which erases data on the disk), gone into FDISK to delete the partition and create but not format the new partition.

I then was able to boot with the ESTOOL CD and it worked perfectly after that.

All I know is that I was able to use the ESTOOL to check my Samsung HDD using the above steps. They may not all be required. Hope this is useful to people.

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Re: Using Samsung ESTOOL

Originally Posted by bash123 View Post
Also, I don't know if this is relevant but I had also used ESTOOL to do a low-level format (which erases data on the disk), gone into FDISK to delete the partition and create but not format the new partition.
First some nit-picking - low level formatting is not done by a user on modern (voice coil based) hard disks. I expect the utility either used the secure erase command, or overwrote the disk.
With some failing disks, you can get back to what appears to be a working status by erasing / overwriting it, however, the disk should not be trusted (I've a Seagate on a shelf I haven't gotten around to discarding where I'm glad I only used it for storing temporary stuff I wouldn't much mind losing).
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