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Compatibility between SATA Hard Drives with ATA Hard Drives

Hi, I am interested in buying a new hard drive but all the hard drives that are on the market( where I live ) are SATA and the hard drive am using now is ATA so is the DVD recorder I have. Is it possible to use a SATA cable to conect the existing hard drive and the DVD recorder to my main board? I know that there is a difference between the ATA and SATA connectors but I was told that I could use the SATA connectors and connect the hard drive I am using now and the DVD recorder. I find this suspicious that is why am asking you. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Compatibility between SATA Hard Drives with ATA Hard Drives

There is such a thing as a SATA-to-IDE converter, but these are scarce now. It's not hard to find an IDE drive online, suggest you order one that way.

the other option is a PCI card SATA controller, and most any of them will work fine for hard drives.
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