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Avi.xvid vs Avi.h264


I am using the latest version of DVDFab Platinum So far, I have not encountered any major problem.

I backup my movies by ripping the main movie onto my hard drive then I convert them to avi.xvid audiocopy. Quite successful all the time. The conversion takes approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes, give or take a few.

Last night I tried the AVI.H264 audiocopy profile so I can compare it with the XVID. I always do a doulbe pass and 1200 bitrate (kbps) and the closest to 720 frame resolution when I do xvid so I did the same thing when I tried to do H264.

After an hour I of processing, I noticed that the "Task Time Left" shows 2+ hours. I check it again after an hour and it still shows 2+ hours. I cancelled the job and here I am asking, since this is the first time I used h264 if it really take that long to convert a movie to avi.h264 audio copy.

The movie is Cold Mountain. It is a long movie, 2.34 hours playing time.
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Re: Avi.xvid vs Avi.h264

H264 is definitely slower encoding than XVid but I didn't think that much.

Why don't you run a comparative test on XVid & H264 just doing one chapter of the same movie and post the results here for future reference?
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Re: Avi.xvid vs Avi.h264

I'll do that when I get home. Meanwhile thank you very much for your response.
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Re: Avi.xvid vs Avi.h264

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Re: Avi.xvid vs Avi.h264

Greg: Heee's the resuls t of my comparative test of xvid and H264:

One chapter of a movie , total playtime is 11 mins.
Bitrate used for both = 1200
Frame resolution for both = 604x464

Total encoding time: H264 = 25.21, XVID = 7.05
Encoding Fps: H264 = 8.93, XVID = 38.09
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