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I need some suggestions for software that is capable of removing the vocal portion of a song.

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Trust me: there is no good software for voice removal. I tried a million of different programs and they all don't work good enough. The best way to get a song without the voices is to download te midi and buy a real good midi module!
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OK, I guess you both are into this alittle so maybe you both know what `PHASE` is?

Its like the Hifi test you do on your system when you first put it all together, to if its set up right and iN PHASE!

When its, OUT of PHASE, the music can sound very different, but to most people who aren't so bothered about quality, hear it as being the same.
Different recordings however, do SOUND different, so use a few TOTALLY different sources when trying this.

Its basically, mixing round the polarites on the connection, as in the Negative and positive. I will warn you, not to use this on a high output level, as in LOUD, as it can damage the power amp in your kit, if you use one, but even pre-amps use a one, even if smaller and can be damaged too.

I use a multi power amp, that has THX on board, so the output is VERY high and can have a fatal blow, even with over sized resistors. So keep it low, till your've recored what you need, then put the cablez back to normal and crank away!

Try it & see what you get, it worked for me on many tunez!

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In theory,you can remove the vocals with Goldwave.

There are some important restrictions though:
* The songs you want to edit, have to be wave-files and STEREO!!!

* The Vocal part has to be in the "middle-wave". I don't know how to make this clear in English, but normally, vocals are exactly in the 'middle' of the 'soundwave'. Goldwave can remove this part, so only the instruments will stay. Unfortunately, modern music isn't mostly that easily constructed anymore; some instruments are also in the same 'wave' of the vocal part, so it's possible that you remove to much.

But you can always try, I guess.
I don't know where I downloaded it, but if you can't find it anywhere, mail me and I'll see what I can do (you'll have to wait till next week).
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there are some filters for voice removal in the cool edit/cool edit 2000 line of programs. they usually mask out the drums and the bass, though, so they suck.
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many programs claim to have voice removal, but ive tried it on many programs and all it seems to do is make the instruments that are panned to either side louder (like guitars and backup vocals). If you think about it, voice removal of a stereo song is just about impossible. The vocal frequencies range from either side of the spectrum, so there is no way to remove just vocals without taking away every other instrument along with it. However, the claimed "voice removal" effect can have pretty cool results on some songs, especially if you're trying to pick out a certain guitar riff or shit like that.
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