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this guy scammed a scammer

anus laptops scammed a nigerian scammer its a realy good read


dont miss this be warned itrs a long read and addictive
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Re: this guy scammed a scammer

I read a similar story a long time ago, where the scambuster had the scammer have a sign next to him on a picture and sent the scambuster some money too...
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Re: this guy scammed a scammer



Very long and very good reading-

Enjoyed it-eh!


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Re: this guy scammed a scammer

Well that took me 2 1/2 hours. I still can't get over the laptop he made...
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Thanks myke. Wouldn't have had the pleasure of reading it otherwise
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Re: this guy scammed a scammer

that was excellent, but I kinda felt sorry for Cole toward the end, I mean how much can one person get owned!!!!
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Re: this guy scammed a scammer

holy crap.... i started reading after tax's post and between work and that thread and then the rebait i just finished... the calls at the end of the rebait are priceless
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Re: this guy scammed a scammer

But seen it before
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Re: this guy scammed a scammer

I love the scambaiters. So funny.
*insert witty comment here*
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