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I currently new to the cd burning scene and have a question for you guys. I have a Creative 6224 burner with Nero burning software. I was wondering how many songs you can fit onto one cd. I know you could fit more if you burnt them in the mp3 format but I want to listen to these songs on my CD player.

I am sure I have heard of people storing many songs on one cd and then listening to them on their cd player.

Any help would be greatly appreciated..
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It all depends on the length of the songs. The average 74 min. cd-r can usually hold 18 songs, give or take a few. Of course the 80 min. cds can hold a couple more.
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The absolute maximum# is 99 songs.
Most CDR's are 74min and most songs are about 3min.
So with some clear thinking, this results in 74min/3min = 24 songs.
When you want to put 99songs on a CD, this would result in 74min/99songs = 0.7min for the average song-length (not really realistic).

You can use programs like Easy CD pro (or Creator) to make your own compilations.
These programs start at 74min and when you add a song to the list, they count backwards.
eg: song1=3,5min => 74min-3,5min = 71,5min left.
It will give an error message if you put more songs in the list than the CDR can hold.
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