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The 25 biggest fads

Here's a list of the 25 biggest fads people wasted their
time on over the years. If any of you wasted your money
on one.

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Re: The 25 biggest fads

I wouldn't call all of them Fads, I think they are "Reaching" a bit to fill out their list....

The ones I'll contest:
#23Toy cars have always been popular toys
with kids of all ages.

#22 You can still buy Slinkies and they are still "amusing"
I can also tell you how to construct a portable (quickly erectable) and fine tuneable transmit/receive antenna from a pair of slinkies, some fishing line and a couple of clothes pins.
Though the new slinkies in most stores are "plastic".
Slinkies were never popular enough to be a "Fad item"

popular childs toy for a decade? yes.
but singling it out compared to some of the others listed?

how did he miss silly putty?
Oh yeah, you can still buy them too...

#21, While there was a "fad" for CB radios in the late '70's CB radios were popular
before and after the fad came and went. so "fad item" isn't an appropriate label.

I still have one, do I use it often? No. I have other two way radios in my vehicle
that work FAR better. (Not counting my cell phoneS. Yes, PLURAL)

#1 the iPod.... you MIGHT be able to label them as a fad, if they came and went...
They came, but I see NO sign of them going... infact it seems with increasing capability
and memory capacity their popularity is still growing.

And until they go you cannot label them as a fad.

are Laptop/Notebook computers a fad?

Are Cell phones a "Fad"? Cell phones are far more ubiquitous than iPods?
how about underwear?

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